Hi! I am Sungwook (or “Wookie”).

I am an analytics guy, a consultant, and a teacher.

As an analytics guy at an advertising agency, I translate data into actionable insights that lead to ad effectiveness. What that means is, I look at various ad campaigns and determine how well they work. Think CTR, conversions, PPC, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, R, SAS, and Excel. And then I help those who activate on media do a better job. You get the idea. I am Senior Analyst at the Analytics & Technology team at Performics (a Publicis Groupe company).

I create quality content to grow organizations and businesses. I do this by analyzing and turning data into actionable insights, by creating content that engages audience, and by building and managing lead generation strategies that funnel traffic into conversion.

I help others learn, and I occasionally teach. I study whenever I have time. And I create opportunities to share with others what I’ve learned. I especially enjoy learning about and teaching tech, languages, and theology. My favorite bunch to work with is teenagers.

Hey, I am really glad you are here. Please enjoy taking a tour of my website, and don’t forget to drop me a line before you leave!


Chicago, IL