Training the Elite to Fix the World

Who can most effectively address the world’s most serious problems? Is it possible to train international development practitioners? How much money does it take to train a select cohort of elite practitioners who will go about to change the world?

My point is that the idea of fixing the world by sending smart people to elite institutions and then having them run everything has been tried, and whatever else can be said about it, it didn’t end poverty. It didn’t end climate change. It very well might have left the world worse off overall. I simply can’t think of any empirical basis for Phil Knight and Stanford’s faith in the ability of elite education to solve major problems.

Written as a response to the announcement that Stanford recently received $400 million from its alumnus (who is also the co-founder of Nike, Inc.), this article offers an interesting perspective on how to really fix the world’s problems and who should do it. Read here.

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