Cutting Down on Meat for All’s Sake

Are we consuming too much meat as a society?

Differently asked, do some of us (who are not vegetarian or vegan) feel that a meal should always come with some sort of meat? But why is that so? Since when, has the norm dictated that meat is such an essential part of one’s daily diet?

Instead of trying to cut meat out of our diets completely, how about we try something like this instead:

Though becoming a vegetarian is the obvious way to improve our own contribution to the environment, for some, giving up meat completely may be too big a step. Part-time vegetarianism – eating meat just two or three days a week, for example – has become a popular and useful compromise. Personal carbon footprints are reduced, and if enough people were to do this, it would drastically reduce the need for unsustainable farming practices.

H/T to Amit Singh. See the full posting here.

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