The Peril of Turning Prayer into a Routine

Prayer is about communication.

Prayer is how we hear from God, and it is also how God speaks to us. And yet, we also are fully aware that Christians who believe in the existence of the almighty God in their very own lives are known to rarely pray. If one genuinely believed in the power of prayer, why wouldn’t he/she pray? Does that mean Christians say one thing and believe something else?

But what if it might be because many of us have turned prayer into a mere routine? Wait, isn’t that good if we habitually, routinely pray? That means regular prayer, right? Like eating, sleeping, brushing teeth, etc. Maybe but maybe not:

I have found the habit of prayer is truly a weapon. It can protect you, but it can also be dangerous. Since I write my prayers down, it is easy for me to fall in love with the words on the page more than the One I’m writing them to. I like the way my pen feels in my hand and finding ways to string my thoughts together until they are beautiful.

Never let the habit of prayer outweigh the holiness of prayer.

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