This Is Why We Fail to Be Content

I first came across this message by Beau Hughes in 2011. I remember sitting in my room then, struck so hard by how closely it seemed to describe the source of the discontentment in my own heart. I look back on it today, and it still rings just as true as it did before.

Our struggle with finding contentment is really our failure to place trust in the goodness of the Giver of all things. We struggle to trust because we think we know better and that we think we deserve more and thus should be given more. We take note of the few things we think are missing in our lives but consistently fail to note the thousand things we have been freely given:

You and I are struggling with being content primarily because of our trust in God. You and I are not struggling with being content primarily because we’re single, because of our job, because of our spouse, because of our bank account or because of our living arrangements. You and I struggle with contentment primarily because we struggle and we fail to trust God. That’s why discontentment surfaces in our lives in all the ways that it does. Deep down, we struggle badly with trusting God and believing that God is what is best for us and always does what is best for us. We struggle to trust Him in that and to hope in Him in that. And because we do, we are discontent in a myriad of ways.

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