Why We Keep Failing to Rest

Lately in my world (well, more like the past 5 years), busyness has been the new gold standard. I go from one thing to another, thinking that the more I can do in any given day, the more productive I am. As difficult as it is to admit, I have been wanting to become a super human who can do everything, faster and better than anyone else.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t seem to understand what productivity really means:

I don’t have time to answer my friend’s phone call, because I’m too busy writing my next blog post. I don’t have time to go see that movie, because I need to finish preparing for my Bible study. I don’t have time to hang out with my best friends, because I need to get coffee with the student I’m discipling.

I worry if I don’t do these things, I’m being selfish and sinful. And so my productivity becomes legalistic busyness. I am aiming at perfection and condemning myself when I don’t reach it. It’s exhausting.

It’s time to find rest. Nothing wrong with taking breaks. Better yet, it’s okay not to do anything for a while.

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