Two Ways to Do Church

In his post, Benjer McVeigh writes about two ways of doing church. The first is the approach that many of us are probably more familiar with (he calls it “the Short-Term Missions Approach”) — whereby we (the church planters) “every now and again find a way to connect with or serve our communities” only to “go back to business-as-usual.”

The second approach, which he calls is the “the Long-Term Missionary Approach,” is about taking the heart of the one who (1) discovers God’s calling on his life, (2) prepares to do the very thing, and (3) simply goes to carry it out. Plain and simple.

I resonate with Benjer in that I too think that, for some very strange reasons, many of us who are fired up to plant and multiply churches have stopped thinking along the lines of plain and simple. We are often reluctant to do the simple and plain things — and we are getting very good at complicating matters.

My hope is that we think and act plain and simple. And let us start expecting great things from God and attempting great things for God.

What if on Sunday mornings, we actually expected people from our communities who don’t yet know Jesus to show up? And not because they somehow heard about our church or drove by, but because they received a personal invitation from someone at our church?

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