One of the Biggest Pitfalls of Our Generation

You are the best and the brightest. You have a great future ahead of you. You can do anything you want with your life. You are still young, what’s holding you back? Go for it. Seize the day.

Does that sound familiar? Wait, isn’t that what we just told our kids this morning?

Here’s some more:

Become an independent person who can do all things without turning to others for help (except, of course, when you absolutely have to), try to earn as much fame as you can now so that you might serve others later when life gives you the chance, never settle for anything less than you deserve, etc. — you get the idea.

We applaud self-sufficiency, high achievement, and ivory towers.

But, what if, somewhere along these roads, we are neglecting to teach ourselves (and our kids) of this generation something that’s intrinsically beautiful about the human life?

Love is a selfless thing. One of the biggest pitfalls of age is we’ve been fighting so long to prove we can be independent that we’ve not yet learned how to put others first. Love is a powerful thing. It’s not about an emotional high or how someone else makes us feel. Love is about being willing to serve, to put others ahead of ourselves and value them over ourselves. Love is not just speaking truth boldly; it’s caring enough to temper our words and actions. Love always does good for the one it loves.

H/T to Relevant Magazine.


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