Our “Sharing Economy” and Startups

Has the emergence of the sharing economy really made life more convenient for people?  Maybe, but to be quite frankly, probably not for most people.  While we don’t seem to ever have to worry about hailing a cab at airports or getting things shipped to us overnight from the other side of the world, we are constantly distracted and are becoming more and more incompetent at doing simple things ourselves without turning to our “smart” gadgets.  Then there is also the nationwide global “startup fever” whereby app development is consistently idolized as the most powerful engine to progressing our economy.

But what about the people?  Are we, as intellectual, thought-processing, and emotional beings, better off as a result of all that our sharing economy has so far delivered?

An interesting piece from Medium offers a fresh perspective:

These tech companies position themselves as heroes. They talk about “changing the world” constantly. Yet all they do is churn out technology for rich, white dudes in their 20s/30s who live in big cities and want apps to fill in the blanks for what mommy used to do.

Mommy used to pick me up from soccer practice. A: Uber.
Mommy used to do my laundry. A: Flycleaners.
Mommy used to clean my room. A: Handy.
Mommy used to buy me groceries. A: Blue Apron.
Mommy used to cook me food. A: Seamless.

And they even call it “mom-tech.” We’re letting our lives be dictated by brogrammers who want to breastfeed forever.

Read in full here.


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