Does Technology Always Trump the Past Time?

What are some of your most memorable moments of learning?

With the growing talk of edtech, technology appears to be only a step away from devouring the traditional education sphere. Yet, is there still irreplaceable value in the old school mode of learning?

I seem to think so.

And so does this person who wrote the following:

I truly believe that the most memorable parts of my education have come when a teacher has taken the time to sit down and talk me through an equation, or given an impassioned speech on how sodium and chlorine become salt. The next step for EdTech is to foster and enhance those memorable moments in school, get teens excited to learn, and make students feel invested in their education anew. While I still have qualms about where EdTech is today, I predict that with time, there will only be more technology saturation, more tech-literate kids, and more opportunities to use tech in the classroom.

Tablets and cloud may come and go, but there will always be a place for our good ol’ teachers to sit down with their students.

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