Marketing Analytics in the Age of Automation

What happens to your job when you wake up tomorrow to realize that all of your daily tasks and responsibilities have been automated?

Are you out of your job?

That’s one way to look at it.

Or as Avinash Kaushik suggests that you look for a way to add value either prior to or after the execution of the now automated tasks.

For a marketing analyst in the future (not so distant), it may mean that he/she would be spending far less time on performing, say, reporting tasks, and far more time on determining which metrics to measure, dimensions to consider, and which channels to track — which would be the “prior to” stage — and “creating a sense of urgency for action … through crafting “human/emotional strategies” as supported by data insights.

The fact is that most analysts today don’t do this at all (read in full here).

So the not so distant future of the automated age is not to be feared at all. Rather, marketing analysts are to rejoice in that they shall be devoting a far greater portion of their work hours to doing things that will likely require human agency and creativity.

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