Why UX Isn’t the Next “Everything”

UX is everything.

Is it?

Living in a day and age where the term UX has become such a buzz word, many are mistakenly lured into the journey of pursuing UX as their next career destination. Coding schools have designed programs to help people find jobs in the UX field, and more and more blogs and websites are coming out to write about UX at large, the latest trends in UX, and interviews with some of the best, hottest UX designers.

So, why is UX so hot these days? Is it because of certain perks that come with the job (title) itself? Or is there something about UX that is inherently appealing to those who pursue the art and those who demand the service?

A renowned UX designer writes:

I recently met some people at a hackathon who transitioned into UX Design at an impressive speed. But they weren’t your average joes. They didn’t just wake up one day, decided they wanted to switch careers, and got a UX job a week later.

Instead, these people are good problem solvers; one was a talented product manager, another was on his way to a PhD in ethnographic research, and another was a skilled web designers who’ve been (subconsciously) doing UX for the past 5 years.

These are people who are smart and can solve problems, regardless of their job title.

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